In the seventh grade, my math teacher pulled me aside after class one day and said, "Brian, do you know what Mr. Wolfe (my band director) said about you today? He told me, 'Someday we are going to pay to hear that boy's music, not necessarily the music he plays... but the music that he writes.'"

At that moment, one would expect a person to feel honored and inspired, I was struck with horror at the thought of living up to an expectation I'd never be good enough to fulfill.

Today, I am humbled by that early seed. The burning thought that continued to haunt me for two decades, challenging me at my deepest levels of self-expression, has taken root and is beginning to grow; and, I'm learning to love myself.

"New Beginnings" marks my entry into a world I thought I could never belong to... the world of an artist. The journey has begun!