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Erin is a dear friend of mine from college and was the driving force behind my motivation and confidence to pursue my own original work. After a long period of being disconnected by life after college, we reconnected as friends, and a musical bond was formed. Erin brought me early ideas of her own songs that she wanted to someday turn into a full rock band. Together, we made that dream a reality. I worked closely with Erin to encourage, inspire, arrange, and perform her music at her debut concert at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, and it was a huge success! Erin has gone on to record her first EP "Suburban Anxiety" and I couldn't be more proud of her! It's an amazing work of art. I will be forever grateful for the artistic collaboration we shared.

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A HUGE thanks goes out to Ben Schwendener for making this recording possible! New Beginnings was recorded at Ben's Home studio on his beautiful Steinway Grand Piano with the same specific microphones used by Herbie Hancock. Ben is an amazing composer, performer, educator and this recording wouldn't have been possible without his support and friendship... and especially if we didn't happen to share the same initials... BS!


Please take a moment to visit Ben's project sites and see what this awesome dude is all about!


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