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Brian Stern was born on April 22, 1987 in Southern California and was exposed to music at an early age by his grandfather Jim who, for a hobby, was a multi-instrumentalist. He began studying classical piano at the age of 7, performed recitals, and won many competitions over the course of his childhood career. 

In the fourth grade, Stern picked up the alto saxophone and excelled rapidly on his instrument. He played in the jr. high wind ensemble and jazz band, began to double on Baritone Saxophone, and was accepted by audition into the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association Honor Band (SCSBOA) to play concerts with other elite musicians in the state. 


In high school, Stern quit playing piano out of frustration from physical and emotional pain, and began to focus primarily on Saxophone. He continued to learn to double on other instruments such as the Bassoon; and during his senior year, he was asked by his band director, Mr. Wolfe, to specifically learn the clarinet because he needed a first chair player for the ensemble. Stern also became co-drum major his senior year in high school and continued to play in the SCSBOA Honor Bands.

After high school, Stern went to attend Citrus Community College for two years before getting a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. During his time at Citrus Community College, he went on tour with the Blue Note Swing Orchestra to Japan and Hawaii, played in the orchestra pit for traveling theater shows at the college's performing arts center, and also performed with Gwen Stefani at the American Music Awards and the Billboard Awards Show in 2006.

Stern went on to graduate from Berklee College of Music in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree of Contemporary Writing and Production. During college he played saxophone in a band started by Zach Golden called Naturalistic, and they recorded a full length album of original works, written by Golden, called "Changes in Perspective."

During college, Stern discovered the healing benefits of Bikram Yoga and immersed himself in the practice to heal from the physical stress, and repetitive motion that had plagued him throughout his musical life. After graduating from Berklee, he went on to graduate from the official Bikram Yoga Training Course in Los Angeles, and returned to Boston to teach yoga full time.

During his post college years, and throughout his continued yoga career, music took the backseat roll of a hobby for Stern. He began to reintroduce piano into his life by learning to play jazz piano, and worked closely with the artist Erin Maya in her early stages. He arranged and performed on the first version of the track "72 Hours" and performed early shows with her group called "Erin Maya and the Reckoning." 

"New Beginnings," the album, marks a turning point for Stern, where, after many years of longing to write and produce his own original work, he has finally embodied his heart, mind, and soul, and he is delivering it to the world. 

Stern's goals for the future are to bridge the gap between his yoga career and music career to serve aspiring musicians on their life's journey with his brand, Instrumental Yoga. His objective is to educate, empower, and train music teachers to incorporate yoga into their student's music discipline to give them what Stern had always wished he had growing up: freedom from the pain, stress, and challenges that every aspiring musician encounters.