My heart and soul has gone into preparing and presenting this recording for you. If you find a moment in this work that makes you feel touched, moved, or inspired, please donate and support my project! Your donation will go toward bringing it to the next stage of development which is: finding musicians who connect with my work, rehearsals, and studio time to record a full length band album. I would be forever grateful for your support. 

Please choose a donation level and receive gifts!

* each level includes all lower level rewards

Download full album!

Receive a handwritten, custom album art thank you card with a personal message!

30 minute Skype with Brian! Shoot the breeze about anything, music talk, I share my composing process and secrets!

 Album art stickers plus your name acknowledged on my support page and community forum.

Personally signed hard copy CD in color artwork! AND a private yoga lesson over Skype or in person (local to Boston)

Spiral bound book of the music lead sheets with color cover photo delivered in a custom canvas tote bag with album cover art.

I write a composition for your poem, idea, story, or special occasion!

Instrumental or with lyrics!

I travel to you and perform a live personal concert of my work at your home or a venue you secure for any occasion. I pay my travel expenses.

Thank you for your support!