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Instrumental Yoga is an idea that I've had for a while now. I grew up playing classical piano at an early age which involved daily practice, weekly private lessons, recitals, and competitions.


The discipline of a musical endeavor can be very stressful for children if not carefully approached. I developed a lot of repetitive stress and poor posture which lead to chronic back pain, anger, and frustration with music. Eventually I decided to quit piano altogether, despite the encouragement of my teacher to pursue a promising career.

Today, my goal as a professional yoga instructor is to bridge the gap between the world of musical training and yoga therapy. I see a need for integrating yoga postures into the daily practice routine for young musicians in a way that provides a structure for musical development and self care. 


I'm currently providing private yoga lessons for musicians and planning an Instrumental Yoga Teacher Training Course for music teachers. My vision is that in five years, parents who want to enroll their child into private music lessons will seek out a music teacher certified by Instrumental Yoga. Teachers who offer musical training along with Instrumental Yoga will be sought after for their approach as the new standard for training aspiring musicians.

Contact Brian at InstrumentalYoga@gmail.com for information and services.