I'm very excited to announce that I'm writing a new album this year! This album will be more of a straight ahead jazz album compared to my last one which was a more compositional solo piano album.

My writting approach was much different for this album. Jazz musicians use an app called the iReal Pro to practice along to standards. I wanted to write music that could easily be shared with this app so anybody could play along to it.

Instead of composing melodies first and writing harmony after, I used the app to first compose a chord chart that I liked with a rhythm section groove that fit. Then, after the form was in place, I composed the melodies to go along with it. 

The melodies are played using the Rhodes sound on a Yamaha P125 and the backing track is from the iReal Pro app. My goal is to hire some real musicians and record this music with a live band and have it professionally produced.

New Album for 2020!